What we think, we create.

That’s why my intuitive tarot card readings are deeply grounded in the present moment.


“ Melanie really stands out as an innately thoughtful, warm, and perceptive reader. She has a truly rare combination of being gifted with deep intuition/insight as well as a thorough, learned knowledge of interpreting the cards & building a narrative through them. Our readings were so helpful in giving me the clarity & metaphorical push I needed to begin moving through challenges & areas in which I felt stuck or unsure. I highly recommend Melanie & look forward to getting more readings from her! ”

Alina Pleskova, poet & author of What Urge Will Save Us

Each reading offers a sacred mirror to view your own internal state - the thoughts, attitudes, and learned behaviors that are guiding your present reality. Then it is up to you to shift/adjust your course.

The tarot isn’t about fortune telling. It is a free will universe, so the future is always in flux. But the tarot can help you to see possible outcomes and places where you might shift your thinking to be more aligned with your highest good. I will hold a safe space for you to be fully seen, even when uncomfortable feelings or beliefs rise to the surface. We’ll laugh and cry together, and you’ll leave the reading with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

New to tarot? New to working with me? Try an 15-minute Introduction Reading to check things out, see if we vibe. Philly residents can also take one of my yoga classes, just contact me for a guest pass at City Fitness.

A 30-minute reading is best if you only have a couple of questions. We’ll really zero-in.

In a 60-minute reading, we will dig deeper into your hopes, fears, motivations, and desires, using the tarot as a guide to help us understand what might be blocking you and how you might move forward.

Combining a tarot reading with a private yoga session is especially powerful because then we can see where you are stuck or blocked with the tarot and work to energetically release it with yoga and essential oil aromatherapy.

To prepare for our time together, please think of a few different questions or an area of life that you would like to explore in more depth. The more you are able to share, the deeper I can dig into the cards to serve you.

I also offer sliding scale readings for those who are experiencing a financial hardship, but feel drawn to working with me. Contact me for more details.

Tips are appreciated but certainly not required. Tips are a way for those with more resources to help cover the cost of sliding scale services for others.



15-minute reading for $25
(for first-time clients)


via email: $45
Via phone/Live zoom*: $70

ADD ON: 60-min Private Yoga & Aromatherapy (Philly Only)*: $80


Via phone/Live zoom*: $90

*In-person sessions are available for Philadelphia residents. So, please reach out, if you’d like to connect. (: