Kind Words . . .


Regina Haigh, Settlement Music School

As a person new to Yoga I was a bit nervous before my first lesson. From the first minute of class it was clear that I had nothing to worry about. Melanie guided me through my lessons patiently and knew when to correct my poses, where I needed assistance and was ready with suggestions to improve my flexibility. I could not have asked for a better introduction to Yoga. Learning with Melanie is a pleasure.


Alina Pleskova, Poet & Author of What urge will save us

Melanie really stands out as an innately thoughtful, warm, and perceptive tarot card reader. She has a truly rare combination of being gifted with deep intuition/insight as well as a thorough, learned knowledge of interpreting the cards & building a narrative through them. Our readings were so helpful in giving me the clarity & metaphorical push I needed to begin moving through challenges & areas in which I felt stuck or unsure. I highly recommend Melanie & look forward to getting more readings from her!


Vivian Allahyari, Dalian on the Park

For me, yoga has always been about the physical, and historically less-so about the spiritual. Some yoga instructors are a bit "spirit forward" in the yoga practice they lead, and often times that would be at the expense of a challenging practice. I would find myself avoiding classes led by those instructors, not because they were doing anything wrong, but because I felt like an "intruder" for not being a full fledged yogi, and because I'd be looking for a more physically challenging class. Somehow, Melanie has the exact balance that I was looking for! She presents yoga as a spiritual practice that encourages physical challenges to test your foundational work. She is accepting, patient, kind, and so welcoming in her practice. She has taken the time to get to know each one of us in class, and individually tailors her suggestions based on our respective levels. It's extremely rewarding to be working towards challenging yourself spiritually and physically (with new poses), and seeing the benefits of an encouraging instructor who cares about your growth. I'm excited to attend each week and feel so grateful to practice yoga with her.