About Me

Photo by Elliot Polinsky

Photo by Elliot Polinsky

Hi, I’m melanie.

My mission is to serve the world by making more space for creativity, intuition, and divine communion with the soul. I am a poet, yogi, seeker, life-long learner and explorer.

In addition to my poetry and creative work, I also offer private yoga and intuitive tarot card readings. My goal is to help you find more ease, stability, and clarity by awakening to your own inner wisdom.

Working one-on-one allows us to collaborate to create a customized plan that guides your personal journey of self exploration and healing. As an introvert myself, one-on-one interactions are met with the intention to go as deeply as we can go - learning, growing, expanding together.

Want more information about my work? Learn more about Private Yoga, Tarot, or check out my CV.

Official stuff/fun facts:

  • I have an MFA in Writing from California College of the Arts, and I published a small book of poems called things we have in writing POEMS for Z with dancing girl press in 2017.

  • I am a 200-hour certified vinyasa yoga teacher, and regular Mysore practitioner. Lately, I’m also fascinated with Yin yoga, and reading/learning as much about it as possible!

  • I completed Lindsay Mack’s Tarot for the Wild Soul course this spring, 2019.

  • I am a happy, healthy survivor of severe childhood abuse, trauma, and PTSD. Much of what I share here comes from my own personal healing journey.

  • If you’re into astrology (I am!), I am a Gemini sun, Cancer moon, and Aquarius rising sign.

  • Huge music fan, over here! As an adult, I studied piano, guitar, and music theory. And, sometimes I perform my poetry in collaboration with my musician-friends.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my offerings. And, please get in touch, if you like. I love making new friends! You can send me a message here, or follow me on Instagram.

With my heart,